Terms & Conditions

1. When purchasing any item from this website, you agree to a 12 month contract

2. Products can be cancelled at anytime by the customer, but this does not guarantee any type of refund

3. Products can be disabled at anytime by KnowlesHosting, reasons for this can be:

  • If the website content appears to be illegal; racist; or commonly unacceptable
  • If renewal fees aren't paid before the expiry date
  • If your website appears to have been hacked by a 3rd party making it dangerous for visitors

‚Äč4. When you place an order, it can take up to 2 business days to set your product up

5. We will notify you one month before your subscription is due to expire, it is up to you to renew it either online or by speaking to a representative by phone/email

6. KnowlesHosting reserve the right to reject an order at any time

7. When registering a domain name, you are complying with Nominet UK's Terms & Conditions (More Info)